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Lg Bdrw Dl 16X Sata Int Black Int Mdisc With Sw Cd-rom Drives

Consumer Rating Rating 5 Stars
Bdrw Dl 16X Sata Int Black Int Mdisc


Package Quantity: 1

Shopping on-line is a snap and easy, that is why a lot more people want to shop online instead of head to the nearby mall. The features are upc: 058231306187 and weight: 2. 200 lbs. BH16NS40 is the product number for this smart item. It weighs close to 3.05 lbs. Shopping for 16X Blu-ray Burner. For the best price for this internal blue-ray drive as well as other products, check out our store add to shopping cart button.


SpecificationsMfr Part Number: BH16NS40Drive Type: Super-Multi Internal 16X Blu-ray Disc RewriterData Transfer Rate:Write:BD-R (SL) : 2X, 4X CLV, 6X, 8X, 10X PCAV, 12X CAV, 16X CAVBD-R (DL/TL& QL) : 2X, 4X CLV, 6X, 8X PCAV, 12X CAV/ 2X, 4X CLV, 6X ZCLVBD-R (SL LTH) : 2X, 4X CLV, 6X PCAVBD-RE (SL/DL/TL) : 2X CLVDVD-R: 2X, 4X CLV, 8X ZCLV, 8X, 12X PCAV, 16X CAVDVD-R DL: 2X, 4X CLV, 8X PCAVDVD-RW (SL) : 1X, 2X, 4X, 6X CLVM-DISC: 4XDVD-RAM: 2x, 3x, 5x CLVDVD+R: 4x CLV, 8x, 12x PCAV, 16x CAVDVD+R DL: 2. 1a) Buffer Memory: 4MB Buffer 4X, 4x CLV, 8x PCAVDVD+RW: 2. 4x, 4X, 6X CLV, 8X ZCLVCD-R: 8X, 16X CLV, 24X, 32X, 40X PCAV, 48X CAVCD-RW: 4X, 10X, 16X CLV, 24X ZCLVRead:BD-R (SL L to H) : 6X CAVBD-ROM (SL/DL) : 12X / 8X CAVBD-R (SL/DL) : 12X / 8X CAVBD-R (TL/QL) : 6X / 6X CAVBD-RE (SL/DL) : 8X /6X CAVBDMV (AACS Compliant Disc) : 12XDVD-ROM (SL/DL) : 16X / 12X CAVDVD-R (SL/DL) : 16X / 12X CAVDVD-RW (SL) : 12X CAVDVD+R (SL/DL) : 16X / 12X CAVDVD+RW (SL/DL) : 12X CAVDVD-RAM: 2X, 3X, 5X CLVM-DISC: 12XDVD-Video (CSS Compliant Disc) : 12X / 8X CAV (SL/DL) CD-R/RW/ROM: 48X / 40X / 48X CAVCD-DA (DAE) : 40X CAV80mm CD: 11. 5X CAVInterface: SATA (SATA 1.


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