Internal Blu-Ray Drives

Lite-on Internal Double Layer Blu-ray   Combo Drive (IHES112-04)

Consumer Rating Rating 5 Stars
Internal Double Layer Bluray 160


Package Quantity: 1

Internal Double Layer Blu-ray   the most impressive blue-ray up-grade. Among the major features for this blue-ray is the write: dvd ¡ À r: 16x dvd ¡ À r9: 8x dvd ¡ À rw: 8x/6x. Additional features include things like buffer memory:? 2 mb and read:cd: 48x dvd: 16x. The internal blue-ray drive dimensions are 6.7" Height x 5.7" Length x 1.6" Width. It weighs only 1.8 lbs.



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