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Teac TEA-BDW26SSBM3 Blu Ray/dvd/cd Burner

Consumer Rating Rating 5 Stars
TEABDW26SSBM3 Blu Raydvdcd Burner


Package Quantity: 1

TEA-BDW26SSBM3 Blu Ray/dvd/cd Burner , a great item from Teac is a great mod to improve computer systems usefulness. UPC Number 608819327280. We would like you to get the best price when acquiring an internal blue-ray drive for your multi-media system, please visit our partners via the add to shopping cart button.

ASIN: B007D6G94A

TEAC BDW-26SSBM3 can be a Slim Blu-ray Super Multi Burner for secure storage of pc data, authoring and backup of HD movies, video, audio/music, photos and big digital files. TEAC BDW-26SSBM3 tends to make use of Slimline SATA, the connection type for the latest generation of Bluray writers. This slim Blu ray writer is best for Mac laptops and Windows notebooks to study and write single and dual layer Blu ray, DVD and CD media. This Teac slimline slot load drive is a direct replacement for the Panasonic UJ-875-A drive. Slimline SATA is a more rapidly data connection and is the standard for 12. 7mm optical drives on Mac notebooks and Windows laptops. It utilizes a slot-load drive mechanism which implies no external moving parts.


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